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Blog - Gilman and Company
Thursday, 03 September 2015 00:34

Travel rewards credit cards are most popular in Colorado state

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Credit cards are more than just a way to buy goods and services. They're also a means to build rewards, earn travel points and, for businesses, a way to keep things running smoothly.

In Colorado, the most popular type of credit card is the travel rewards card, which allows holders to redeem rewards with airlines and hotel chains based on how much they buy.

That's according to NerdWallet's latest report. To determine the most popular type of card in the 50 states, the San Francisco-based financial analysis website analyzed more than 400,000 clicks on its online credit tool regarding four types of cards — cash-back rewards, travel rewards, balance transfer and secured — over the course of the past 90 days.

Colorado is among 20 states total where travel rewards cards are the most popular. Balance transfer cards are most popular in 12 states and secured credit cards are the least popular — popular in only Florida and Mississippi, which have relatively low average credit scores.

As for average credit scores, Colorado ranks 18th highest among the states with an average score of 681. Scores are highest in Minnesota, New Hampshire, North Dakota and South Dakota, ranging from 704 and 696, and those states all have a strong aversion to cash-back cards, NerdWallet found.


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SEC Small Business Panel to Continue Discussion on Disclosure Reform

As discussed in the article entitled “Small Business Panel to Continue Discussion on Disclosure Reform” in the June 29, 2015, issue of Accounting & Compliance Alert, the SEC's Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies is scheduled on July 15 to continue its discussion of disclosure effectiveness.
The panel plans to hold a phone meeting to consider the same set of issues from its June 3 meeting. Also part of that discussion: How the SEC should treat “finders,” unregistered intermediaries who connect companies with investors in private placements.
Debate over disclosure effectiveness has increased this year, with proposals both on Capitol Hill and within the SEC seeking to update Regulation S-K, which contains the commission's over-arching disclosure framework, and Regulation S-X, which governs financial statements.
The staff in the Division of Corporation Finance is in the midst of an initiative to “improve the effectiveness of the public company disclosure regime for investors and companies,” Chair Mary Jo White said in remarks prior to that June 3 meeting. The agency's staff is working to bring a set of recommendations to the commission, she said.
House Republicans want significant roll-backs on filing requirements for small public companies. The House Financial Services Committee in May advanced a bundle of bills to reduce the reporting rules for small companies. One of those bills, H.R. 1525, the “Disclosure Modernization and Simplification Act of 2015,” would require the SEC to remove needless or outdated disclosure mandates from Regulation S-K, with a focus on smaller issuers.

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